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About Purohit Resturant

Location is close to Kankaria.

A fantastic location for weddings, receptions, birthday parties, baby showers, and business meetings, among other events. The Purohit Dining and Banquet program is one of the best places in Ahmedabad for large groups to get together. It is in the best part of town.We want each event to be a tremendous success.

Our professional personnel will handle your event according to your courteous specifications.

Our venue has been regarded as the best option for event planning in Ahmedabad.

Traditional food lovers will love our great vegetarian dishes, which include the best Punjabi food and vegetarian food from all over the world.

•We recognize the good memories that every event creates and make sure they don’t get lost.
•Our dining room can fit, which makes it perfect for small, private events.
•Ideally located in the heart of Ahmedabad,
Exquisite décor, perfect ambiance, and delicious food are all meant to deliver a joyful and exciting experience.
•Authentic Indian and Chinese cuisine, combined with the ingenuity of the chef.
•Ancient recipes put together in a new way make a galaxy of delicious dishes that range from slightly sweet to very spicy.
•Discover your next delectable lunch or dinner using traditional recipes.
We provide delicious and healthy food options for the whole family.
•Add one of our signature side dishes to your dinner and finish it off with one of our delicious desserts.
We promise that you will leave satisfied! Bring the whole family to the restaurant for lunch or dinner.
•Our service is second to none. Our cuisine speaks for itself!
•Our restaurant is a great place to relax and enjoy the company of friends in a relaxed and contemporary atmosphere.
•Everyone who works at our restaurant wants to make sure that your time there is amazing.

Why Choose Us

Food quality is our first concern.

We pledge to provide our clients with nutritious cuisine by utilizing only clean, fresh ingredients and products.